[BD欧美演唱会][帕瓦罗蒂在海德公园 Pavarotti in Hyde Park 1991][2022][BDISO][21.8GB][百度网盘]

◎译  名 帕瓦罗蒂在海德公园 / Pavarotti in Hyde Park 1991 / Pavarotti à Hyde Park / 剧场版 パヴァロッティ ハイドパーク コンサート〈デジタルリマスター〉
◎片  名 Pavarotti in Hyde Park 1991
◎类  别 Music
◎上映日期 2022-01-09
◎IMDb链接 https://www.imdb.com/title/tt16979414/
◎片  长 4500
◎导  演 Christopher Swann
◎编  剧 name null
◎演  员 Luciano Pavarotti

This legendary concert of Luciano Pavarotti in Hyde Park,1991, was held to mark the 30th anniversary of the start of Pavarotti’s operatic career. The Guardian wrote that there had not been “such a brouhaha for a free concert” since the concert given by The Rolling Stones in 1969.

Attended by 120.000 fans, including Lady Diana, Prince Charles, Andrew Lloyd Webber, Michael Caine and premier John Major, Luciano Pavarotti thrilled the electrified audience with a popular program from Verdi to Puccini (Nessun Dorma), from Mascagni and Leoncavallo to Bixio (Mamma) and Di Capua (`O sole mio), which is now available for the first time available here, digitally remastered!

Disc Label: Pavarotti.In.Hyde.Park.1991.2022.COMPLETE.MBLURAY-MBLURAYFANS
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Protection: AACS
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Length: 1:34:05.373
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