[DVD欧美演唱会][Madonna 麦当娜 The Girlie Show – Live Down Under D5][DVD ISO双碟][8.8G][百度网盘]

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  The Girlie Show ~ Live Down Under is a live music video title by singer Madonna. It was released by Warner Music Vision on April 25, 1994 and included one of the Girlie Show dates filmed at Sydney Cricket Ground on November 19, 1993.
It was originally aired as a television special on American network HBO and was its most watched original program of the year. Initially, the November 20, 1993 show was to be filmed and aired. However, a massive storm forced the cancellation of the show, so the November 19 show (which had been taped the night before as a “safety show”) was aired instead. Another television special was aired in Japan only, Live in Japan 1993 – The Girlie Show, it was never released in any video format. In 1995 this title was nominated for the Grammy award of Best Long Form Music Video. The DVD was certified gold in Brazil by the Associação Brasileira dos Produtores de Discos (ABPD) for shipment of 25,000 copies.
Dominic Griffin from Daily Variety wrote that: “Madonna danced, sang, and more specifically entertained her way through this two-hour concert set. […] Madonna’s comments aside, this show was purely for the cameras and the viewing audience at home. Expertly shot with multi-cameras including a crane and an onstage SteadiCam, the show was shot in close quarters, with an occasional pan of the vast audience. After a slow start, the show, which included nine costume changes, never once let up. Madonna showed great energy and amazing stamina throughout.”
“The Girlie Show Theme”
“Rain” 1
“Express Yourself”
“Deeper and Deeper”
“Why’s It So Hard”
“In This Life”
Dancers Interlude: “The Beast Within”
“Like a Virgin” 2
“Bye Bye Baby”
“I’m Going Bananas”
“La Isla Bonita”
“Justify My Love”
Medley: “Everybody Is a Star”/”Everybody” 3
1 contains an excerpt from “Just My Imagination (Running Away with Me)” and “Singin’ in the Rain”
2 contains an excerpt from “Falling in Love Again (Can’t Help It)”
3 contains an excerpt from “Dance to the Music” and “After the Dance”
Production credits
Director: Mark Aldo Miceli
Producer: Marty Callner
Cinematography: Toby Phillips
Film Editing: Jay Torres
Production Design: Christopher Ciccone
Stage Producer: Jeffrey Hornaday
Choreography: Michelle Johnston, Alex Magno and Keith Young
曲目 · · · · · ·
1. The Girlie Show Theme
2. Erotica
3. Fever
4. Vogue
5. Rain
6. Express Yourself
7. Deeper and Deeper
8.Why’s It So Hard
9. In This Life
10. Dancers Interlude: The Beast Within
11. Like a Virgin
12. Bye Bye Baby
13. I’m Going Bananas
14. La Isla Bonita
15. Holiday
16. Justify My Love
17.Medley: Everybody Is a Star / Everybody

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